Wedding traditions have long been passed down from generation to generation, but some bazaar and even odd traditions didn’t stand the test of time (Gee, I wonder why?). Here are some origins of our traditions we thought you may find amusing:

~ Carrying a bride over the threshold Originated in Rome so the groom could protect his bride from the demons that lived in the floor.

~ Tiered Wedding Cakes The guests would stack layers of cake on top of each other and each time a layer was added, the newlyweds had to kiss over top the cake. Thus the birth of the tiered wedding cake!

~ Bridal Bouquets Brides carried bouquets of herbs to ward off evil spirits. Later, flowers were added to mask the bride’s body odor; remember, back then you only took a bath a few times a year.

~ Kidnapping Brides Thanks to Romulus who stole all the women who attend a huge bash he threw, grooms began stealing their brides prior to marriage. Typically the groomsmen helped, and the one who helped the groom the most was named the “Best Man.”

~ White Wedding Gowns Queen Victoria commissioned a seamstress to sew a lovely white lace gown for her marriage in 1840, and set the trend for fancy wedding gowns. Before that, brides just wore their “Sunday best” dress.

~ Thank the Pope for your Bling Pope Innocent III introduced the engagement period and couples began wearing a ring to demonstrate their commitment. But it wasn’t until 1477 that the diamond was added thanks to the Archduke Maximilian of Austria.

~ Party, Party, Party! The Spartans began the tradition of the groom and his men having a party the night before the wedding. To avoid hangover, they watered down the wine.

~ Honeymoon in Hiding On the tails of kidnapping the bride, she and the groom would go in to hiding for 30 days. A cup of “honeywine” was delivered to the couple each day by a family member or friend, and the term “Honeymoon” was born.