Hello, gorgeous couples!!  It’s that time of year–when every bride and groom hunkers down and gets serious about wedding planning!  I have a free gift for you to help…so keep reading!

We get asked A LOT:  when should I meet with a florist?

The correct answer is…. 6-9 months out for non-holiday dates and 10-12 months out for holiday dates (such as Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend, etc).

The reason:  Availability and pricing.  Flower prices are like the stock market; they fluctuate. It’s hard for a florist to give you a to-the-penny cost for your wedding over a year out.   And flower availability is seasonal; and there are seasons within the seasons.  For example, I can get peonies in January.  I might be able to get them in July, if the weather coopertes.  I can reasonably predict that peonies are at their best in May and June (historically), but I’ve had in my hands stunning blooms as late as end of July or as early as March!  And now, Alaska peonies are available in August, and Chile in November!  So peonies are just one example, but a good one.  🙂

Believe it or not, we already have couples who have hired us for Memorial Day weekend 2019 (I’m writing this on Febraury 6, 2018) and even a weekend in June 2019 is already booked!  These brides are on the ball!!  So not to say you can’t plan early, but you have to have some things figured out BEFORE meeting with a florist so he/she can help you best:

1.)  Your wedding gown chosen.  If you haven’t purchased it yet, that’s fine, but the style, color and size of your gown determine the size and style of your bouquet.  Wearing a ballgown?  You can pull off a bigger, more robust bouquet.  Wearing a sheath?  You need a smaller, even streamlined bouquet.

2.)  Your venue(s).  This will tell a florist a lot about the overall ambience you want to provide.

3.)  Your vision.  A florist needs to know if you are going vintage, glamerous, country, romantic…the options are endless for the style and looks we can create for you, but if we don’t know your direction, we will miss the boat.

4.)  Your colors.  Not all flowers are available in all colors, and some carrying seasonal colors.  And if you change your colors, let your florist know right away because you may have to change your flowers!

Need some help with the “when to hire wedding vendors?”  We have you covered!!  CLICK HERE to access our free wedding planning timeline, created especially for the Columbus, Ohio bride!

And when you are ready to chat wedding flowers, check out Bloomtastic’s Wedding Website for some amazing inspiration from hundreds of real, Columbus, Ohio weddings and to request your free consultation!

*PHOTO CREDIT:  Clay with Red Gallery Photography